I recently got the Futura-version off a sale and I didn’t expect to like it THAT much.
So I was pleased to find the Stash-version in a shop.


The page isn’t available anymore
so it may have been the last one.

Apart from being in a special Stash-colorway resembling paint drips,
the packaging is superior too.
It was packed in a fake spraycan
and Stash’s signature cap-pattern is all-over.



The Futura is black with white so it can be worn with everything, this one is actually black with blue so it is a bit more special.

Buying advice:
It is a special makeup of a G-Shock collaborating with a graffiti artist.
Get it if you want a special G-Shock not everybody has and if you like Stash’s designs anyway.
Don’t get it if you just don’t have anything to match it with.