These are the Safaris from the 2012 iD collection.
I chose them because I like them
and I knew they weren’t permanent in the iD roster.

The colors were chosen because I wanted something to fit my Yankees stuff
and the options weren’t really good back then…

I am really happy with them and they were done quite remarkable.
The suede seems really high quality (which is a rarity in todays Nike standards).
So good that even I (!) am scared to put them in the washing machine…


Even a second lace set was included back then, I chose grey.
It was surely one good pair that needed some more options
for coloring and should’ve been pushed more.

The whole pair has a ‘vintage feeling’ to it,
I don’t remember it being advertised on Nike iD.
It starts with the suede which feels kind of old, heavy and used
(I think that’s a good thing) and the midsole is off-white,
like eggshale, as opposed to pure white.

A nice touch is the missing swoosh on the medial side of the shoe,
true to the original.


In subtle colors these are really underrated
and show the true potential of the shoe.
Without the Safari- or any pattern
these are really suitable for everyday wear,
even for ‘normal’ people.

They weren’t available very long
and my guess is many people don’t even remember them.

I did ‘louder’ pairs too,
but as I remember it was quite hard to do
with the available options.

Buying advice:
The Safari has been discontinued in the iD-programme
so it isn’t available anymore.
It is a understated choice only people that know will recognize.
Get it if you want a sporty but down-low choice.
Don’t get it if you want something recognizable.

It is an us 8.