Those actually grew on me.

Had them before, sold them and got them again.


Many people call the Flow the ‘duck’ sneaker
because of the toe shape.

I like the shade of blue as a bit darker than carolina blue
but a bit lighter than ultramarine.
The color was once more a ‘trend color’, not as much anymore,
but I like it anyways.


What’s special about them is the material of the toes.
Usually it is a neoprene like material,
in this case it is a woven fabric.


Although being nice and popular retros,
the Flows never got their deserved prices
so you can pick one up for not much.

It is one of the most underrated sneakers,
like the Structure retro years ago, to me.
And I rarely don’t get a positive reaction when wearing these,
like ‘I like those!’ or ‘What are those?’ so other people might think the same.

Thought about it objectively:
It is all there.
Nice shape, comfortable, not too loud colors.
So if you like them, not many reasons against them.

Buying advice:
It is one forgotten Nike gem.
Get it if you want a good retro style.
Don’t get it if you only like something with a rep
or a ‘x’ in the name.

It is an us 8.