Oregon Project.


Somebody once told me they were ‘great for running’.
That might be,
but I think that really describes only a bit
how good they are.



The Pegasus 31 might be a good running shoe
but especially in that make-up
it can hang with the best of them.


It is a colorway based on a black upper with a white midsole,
details are volt, which makes them really stand out.
The outer Swoosh is white, the inner volt.


Add some 3M brandings as the skull on the outer heel
or the ‘Oregon Project’ on the inner heel
and you get a real underestimated shoe.

Oh and details are 3M, that means usually they are sort of hidden away,
but if a beam of light hits them, bam, they glow.
And it adds a bit of security when actually worn for running.




Buying advice:
The Oregon Project is Nike’s truly underrated series.
Get it if you want a rarer version of a popular runner.
Don’t get it if the colorway isn’t flashy enough for you.

It is an us 8.