I even overlooked it once in my stash and I got another one,
so for a short time I had two.

The colors are definetly up my alley and when the XI low came as a ‘Sprite’
I had to pick it up (it is sold now).


The good thing about the Lebron-Line is
that it is still more performance oriented,
that means Nike hasn’t watered them down as the Jordan Retros.
It may be a small difference but compared to a Jordan,
these don’t have to hide themselves.


The Lebron-line has a nice approach to lows:
The highs usually have ZoomAir cushioning and the lows Air Max.
Think of it as a lowered sports car with sports suspension and a SUV.


Buying advice:
It is for me the leisure pinnacle of the Lebron line.
A quite light (for what it is) casual version that is well constructed.
Get it if you want a comfortable, rare version of a basketball shoe.
Don’t get it if the colors are too loud for you.

It is an us 8.5.