Out of the ‘Tee Time’-pack that nods to golf.

I tried for almost an hour, then I gave up hope.

Then I checked another shoe at like 8 pm
and noticed that my cart was still full.
I checked and it was available, so I ordered, successfully.

Limited releases at SNS are usually reserved in your cart
for about ten minutes
so it being still available after hours is a miracle to me.


How it went down at release was surprising me,
never thought the site would go down as it did.

Branded heel tab.


The colorway couldn’t be simpler, a simple white and black
with some small light blue details.


A nice touch is the side panels, made from leather,
not plastic.


It is quite rare that the collector’s value catches up
with the personal value.
I always cherished and liked it
after underestimating it at release.
But according to solesupplier.co.uk
it is one of the five most valuable Ultra Boosts.
So after I checked out eBay,
I guess I have a new pinnacle of my collection, pricewise.

To me it is my favourite Ultra Boost
and it is really easy to match to some clothes I wear.

Buying advice:
It is an Ultra Boost, so the model is quite common on the streets,
but this version is rare and the colors and patterns are anything but.
Get it if you want a Ultra Boost that says ‘SNEAKERHEAD’.
Don’t get it if it is not loud enough for you.