Great Scott!


In the second movie of Back To The Future,
the leading actor gets some self-lacing shoes.

If you actually wondered how they made it:
There was simply a double floor
and somebody was pulling the laces from underneath.

The Nike Air Mag was supposed to be a sneaker in a future magnetic ballgame,
but the scene was scrapped but they kept the shoes.

But when 2015 actually came around,
Nike made true of the promise of self-lacing shoes.
Since then Nike made several different models with the power-lacing
(or E.A.R.L., Electro- Adaptive-Reactive-Lacing)
but this was the first model that was ‘easily’ available to the public.
All the shoes before it were available through raffles.

The performance benefits may be a bit hard to summon,
but at least it tightens as you need it.

The lights on the sneaker just light up when it is working the laces,
usually they are off.
The light on the bottom shows you the amount of energy left in the battery
and it will look different on a half or low charge.


They charge via two chargers that attach the the sole magnetically
and a charge should last about two weeks.

They look really good and seem to be worth a bit of more money
but the actual price was a bit steep for me.

And what diappointed me a bit was the laces:
They are some sort of a translucent mesh tube with a steel wire inside.
That takes a bit of the magic away.


Also the upper is quite restrictive and a bit hard to put on.

What was funny that they released through Nike’s SNEAKRS-app (in Europe),
then were available on their regular desktop-site
and then went back to the app.
Well, payment via invoice isn’t available on the app,
only via the desktop, so you couldn’t just get them and make up your mind
with an invoice.

Buying advice:
More than a movie prop, they are sneakers
that could be worn everyday without being too flashy.
Get it if you want the next step inĀ  footwear and have a loose wallet.
Don’t get it if you just want ‘a sneaker’.

It is an us 8.