It is one of the newer Air Max 1 which made me realize
what I’ve been missing over these years.

The overworked Air Max 1 seem not only
to be overworked in the shape but in quality too.
And this is a Pinnacle-model,
which even showcases more of great quality.


You open the box and actually smell the great leather
and imagine a great shoe without even seeing it.


I actually had the Black-sail pair before, but I sold it.
Preferable was the mesh toebox
but having these more than makes up for it.
At least it has a mesh tongue. 😛

The laces seem to be a more premium choice too.

Buying advice:
It is definetly one of the best new Air Max 1, qualitywise.
Get it if you want a shoe for the ages.
Don’t get it if you want something flashy.

It is an us8.