Pine green.


I really didn’t want these. 😀

But I bid a ridiculously low amount in the last seconds of an auction
and even succeeded.
Yes, it is worn but a vintage sneaker doesn’t look too bad worn.

The Blazer is a classic Nike that usually performs on the quality battlefield too.


The color might be a bit hard to combine
but a jeans and a white shirt matches anything…

It was Nike’s first basketball shoe
and without the famous Air-cushioning under the heel,
an upper made from leather, a nylon mesh tongue and a herringbone sole
were the pinnacle of features for a basketball sneaker.


It may not be the first time they used a Swoosh on a sneaker,
a feat that goes to the Cortez,
but it was the first sneaker that brought the Swoosh to the hardwood.
Famously worn by George Gerwin.


Buying advice:
It is as classic as can be, so if you don’t mind high tops
you can easily wear those and never be out of style.
Get it if you want a sneaker for everyday in a delicious colorway.
Don’t get it if you don’t like Nike.

It is an us 8.