The second pair from my recent purchase.

I consider it one of the very last pairs I still like to have in my collection.
After having it two times and selling them both
there rarely was another pair that I regretted as much giving it away.


It may be the best for the second hand market.

It simply is bulletproof so even used a bit it still looks well.

The used materials bring a new meaning to the phrase ‘premium’.

I even saw a black custom on the ‘net and it looked flawless.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-04 at 13.52.32

I would make a copy of that custom but I like the orange too much.

So I need two pairs… 😀


Buying advice:
One of the last old Air Max 87 from around 2009,
this is a really underrated pair you hardly find on Ebay or any second hand market.
Get it if you like the safari print and just want a bulletproof shoe for any season.
Don’t get it if Safari is too loud for you.

It is an us 8.