Jade stone.


My first sneaker after almost a half year without buying some.

A friend moved and I wanted to help and he sold some pairs (the other one follows in another review) and I missed these after first having them.

I kind of like the military theme and it may be seen
if you should cobine them with camouflage pants for example.
Becaus in my book there is a ‘too much camouflage’ too.


But why do I say camouflage?
If they only used an olive color it wouldn’t be military at first sight
but putting it with orange bits just screams army
where orange is the usual accent color to camouflage.

This pair is a try by Nike to bring a colorway that was new
and still appeal to the masses that usually only like old colorways.

I think they succeeded.


The plastic parts and the sole are translucent which gives them a nice appearance.

Buying advice:
It is a really comfortable sneaker in a non-OG colorway
that is fighting for its place in todays world.
Get it if you like something military-like without the camouflage pattern.
Don’t get it if you don’t have your own taste.

It is an us 8.