I like them, I tried to combine classic colors in a new way.
Guess I suceeded.

Another reason to make them was their place in the iD-roster.
I don’t think they will be a permanent option,
so rather make one as long as they still offer it.
Once I had the ‘Metro-blue’ from 2004 and I kind of miss them,
so the similarities came around.


They actually messed up a bit of my speckled midsole,
but one faulty pair of like 12 pairs of iDs is still a good quote.


I didn’t know how the iD-insignia was executed,
and on the pics you can see it is stitched.
I feared it would be printed.


They are done well, but I found little glue marks.
I don’t mind as I am not so picky in these things.

I chose a volt strap as it is not too clear to come off as gimmicky.
For laces I put white ones in, but they came with blue ones.
That advice I can give to everybody:
Don’t order black or white laces,
you can always find them in a store or use them from another pair.
But color matching ones? Rather not…


Guess I was wrong with the availability
since it is still available in several options.
But others did vanish, making them a short time offer
(Ventilator, Safari, HTM AirMax 87, Premium AirMax 90)
Currently, for sale is a Pendleton-option
that lets you use the english material.


Buying advice:
The Huarache is a true Nike-classic.
Designed by Tinker Hatfield these reflect Nike’s best 90s days.
Get it if you want to express your style in a comfortable lounging shoe.
Don’t get it if you just don’t like Nike.

It is an us 8.5. Mind the ‘Huarache-fit’.