Recently adidas updated its popular Equipment line
with their Primeknit technology.

It is a lighter and more minimal alternative to the regular releases
while still keeping the EQT’s aesthetics.


It is reasonably tight, which means it is tight on your feet,
but not uncomfortably tight.
But I guess the thought behind the construction was ‘like a sock’,
so it is expected.
It is hard to put on, but once on your feet, it is light and comfortable.

To me, it was one opposite of todays crap releases.
It came on a day when I first missed out
on several stores for the Social Status x Ultra Boost,
then I tried the OVO 12 and I couldn’t even participate in the draw (error note).


What’s so different about them?
I like them, got them easy and cheap in a sale, no hassle.
Today’s releases are full of resellers and hypebeasts.

I miss the old days.

Buying advice:
If you like the EQT line, these are perfect,
especially for casual use.
Get it if you want a comfortable, light choice for everyday.
Don’t get it if you only like newer adidas,
like the Ultra Boost or the NMD.

It is an EUR 40 2/3.