JD makes a lot of Pegasus 89 and Windrunner exclusively
and these were inspired by the Air Max 87.

They really were under the radar,
people didn’t value them when they were still on sale at JD.
Nowadays it may be a bit different,
as (almost) all shoes get some fans as soon as they are sold out.


I try to make up my mind
before they are sold out and expensive.

The Pegasus 89 is one really good retro,
people tend to forget about these, but they are really good shaped
and go with a lot without being too ‘sporty’,
if you can do without the famous air pad of the Air Max.


Another example of an against-the-grain model.
It is no sneakerhead must have,
but you can show people what they miss with these.
And again, it looks like an Air Max from 100mtrs away,
but different up close.

Buying advice:
It is an underrated retro from Nike,
really nice on your feet, feel and looks.
Get it if you want a nice shoe to wear and with an Air Max 87 nod.
Don’t get it if you think of Nike as the devil’s work.


It is an us8.