Hold Tight.


After several years I am still hesitating to wear them.


I think these are one of my best.
And the 3M cracks with wear and I like it intact.
I had a second pair once, more worn to be worn more easily.


The materials used are superior.
Years ago, I remember finding them in a Factory Store
but I saw them from some meters away
and some shady dude had them in his hands.

I just thought: “PUT…THEM…DOWN!”

He did and I got them for 65 € (good old times).
They are gone now, but I like to remember them.


To my knowledge it is the only pair with a black lined airpad.
I think it is a nice idea that should’ve been on more models.

Many people don’t know they actually came with white laces and just them.
So if you see any ones with black laces, they are swapped.

Buying advice:
Another old Air Max 87, they are superior.
From the materials to the look.
Get it if you are nostalgic about old Air Max and want one of the best.
Don’t get it if you hate 3M cracks.

It is an us 8.