Miller pack.


Back in time.

It is another example of an old Air Max 87 with old looks and undestroyable construction.


Nike should be ashamed if they would compare a recent one to an old one.

It is damaged a bit, but it should only bother you if you are a militant deadstock-head.

The scratches on the leather show the quality of the leather used and a rip in the canvas doesn’t make them ugly to me.


It looks military, the only part that breaks with that are the pink logos.


Buying advice:
What to say about a pair that isn’t actively sold anymore?
Get it if you like old Air Max 87 that aren’t really flashy too.
But remember: It is an old one so it may be sold only by enthusiasts
for a bit more than a recent release.
Don’t get it if you think newer Air Max 1 are cheaper.

It is an us8.