Moses Pelham.


It was never available for sale, only as prize in a raffle when you bought the album.
So it is rarer than all Coils, Made in Germany, Grape-Pack, Flip, Overkill, etc.


Limited and numbered to one of 145 pairs.


They are made beautifully and the details are just amazing. The tongue sports the name of the artist and the name of the album, the side of the heel has the artists’ signature ‘Mo’.

The laces are waxed and have white tips, which gives them a nice feel too.


Their signature pocket, which all KangaROOS got, has even got a second lace-jewel in white hidden away.


The box included a signed card of the artist, who started his career in the 90s as part of the ‘Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt’.
He got older and more mature now,
which you hear in the music too.


RHP – Krieg

Moses Pelham – Wenn der Schmerz nachlässt

Glashaus – Es Fühlt Sich Wie Sterben An

Buying advice:
If you get one, buy it and keep it.
These are so rare people don’t even know about these.
And a black shoe with white details? It can’t get no simpler.
Get it if you want a ultra-rare, well executed alternative to the big brands.
Don’t get it if you want something to impress people.

It is an EUR size 41.