It is inspired by the 80s movie called “The Abyss”
evolving around some aliens landed on the ground of the sea
and some pacifism thrown in.




The shoe is made from supreme materials and has the almost usual “collab-package”:

  • several different laces (like light/dark blue and white)
  • special packaging with special paper
  • deluxe hangtag
  • pin of the shoe
  • stickers
  • buttons
  • logo on the shoe itself.

Guess it was a bit more than usual.


They actually changed the shape of the stripe on the ‘Flip’ which killed the shoe for me. I don’t care how rare it is, how ‘Made-in-Germany’ it is or how dope the colors are,

I still would prefer the older Abyss.



Oh, and it is of a different color on the inside.


People cherished it as if it was Overkill’s first collab (sorry, it isn’t).
But after the hating, it is still done really good. The materials, the details and the whole presentation is really good.


What many people don’t know:
The theme of the shoe was ‘The Abyss’, which is an underwater movie
so the theme is extended to ‘water’ too.
Water is pictured on the insole as well as the material of the stripe,
which is inspired by towels, another nod to water.


Buying advice:
It is a really nice executed collab based on a nice idea with a shop from Berlin.
Get it if you still care about the whole context of a collab.
Don’t get it if you want something everyone likes.

It is an eur 39.

(In comparison: Nike says their us8 (eur 41) is 26cm.)