They were ordered on the 8th of February, came in on the 24th of February.
So they took 16 days from sketch to delivery from Asia,

not bad if you ask me.

They are all around awesome, materials, everything.

The laces are the “trail-laces”-option, you might call them “ropes”, just without the pattern.


I enjoy the TPU (the clear) part, too. Didn’t expect it to be like this, but it looks good.

They even made my insignia, which I chose by accident. I was just trying words they’d reject and forgot to change it in the end.


They are a smack in the face of every brand charging more for their custom made shoes. Reebok even has more options than the rest and is cheaper…

Especially if you sign up for the newsletter and get 15% off.

Mine was a bit more expensive because the laces and the clear TPU part cost extra.

A nice idea is the box too.
It came in the actual shoe box, only inside-out.
Turn it again, done.
No need for a double-box.

Oh, with stickers to see what’s inside.

Buying advice:
I can’t really recommend buying them anymore
since they aren’t available anymore from Reebok.
So the only way to get them would be the second hand market,
and I guess they aren’t really popular so not many are out there.
Get it if you want an alternative to the bigger brands.
Don’t get it if you want everbody’s darling.

It is an us 7.5.