Is it different?
In a sentence: Yes.

In comparison: The first One.


But it is really similar to the first white/ ‘Yeezy’ Ultra Boost.
The knitted upper, the sock, is different, a different pattern.
It may be evolved.
But all other parts are the same, the ‘Ultra Boost’ on the heel is all silver now,
on the old it was half black.

The release was rather quiet as they just popped up on the site.
No big hypemachine…
Not even the release pages posted early links.
Must be a first on a Yeezy-sneaker.
I had the first one but sold it then over time the colorway grew on me
and I was waiting eagerly on the re-release.
I liked a Yeezy-sneaker?
Must be a first too.


Not much is left to say about the Ultra Boost sole:

It is dubbed to be the ‘best running shoe ever’
but they also may be one of the most comfortable ones if worn casually.
Try wearing them without the insole.

Because they are the third all-white Ultra Boost they may be easier to get.
After the first had Yeezy-hype, the second was a bit different (white sole)
and therefore had less hype,
this one should be on nobodys radar and the market should be saturated by now.
Especially if you look at how many times the last one was restocked which was a lot.


It may still be available here.

It was available in many sales
so it wasn’t nearly as popular as the first one.

Buying advice:
It is one of the most understating Ultra Boosts.
A white sneaker is matching almost everything so it is a good choice for all outfits.
Get it if you want the all-white Ultra Boost (with a black sole)
and don’t want to spend hundreds on the first.
It is also a must-have if you are a Yeezy hypebeast that wears everything he wears.
Don’t get it if you want a dirtproof sneaker.

It is an us 7.5.