If a shoe comes in wmns sizes, what do I need?


I’d say go with the EUR or UK sizes,
as they are the same on mens/ wmns.

Nike actually calls the mens 0,5cm shorter in the cm-size,
but since they are both the same,
it couldn’t be based in measuring.
(Another proof that the cm is just another size, not the actual length.)



I compared a Air Max 87 mens to a Air Max 87 wmns
to show you all the sizes like EUR and UK are the same
so it is the same size.
(The sizes MAY differ on performance models,
but I doubt it.)

The insoles in comparison:



This is the wmns on top of a mens:


And the other way:

A mens on top of a wmns.


I know many people think like:

‘But wmns are slimmer!’

As you can see in the pics, this is just wrong.

Size is a matter of feeling so you always hear things like:

‘But 26,5cm fits me better than 27cm!’

And noodles taste less good than pasta…

After these pics, you can’t take that serious.

(Again: Performance shoes may differ,
but most people buy retros anyway.)



Next round.
I compared a wmns Ultra Boost to a mens.


These are performance shoes, no retros, so no lifestyle-money-saving here.
Also I chose another Brand than Nike,
to show you that not only there the size is the same.


On the next pic there is a white mens insole on top of a wmns
and a black wmns on top of a mens.

(Yes, there are actually four (!) insoles on this picture.)




Another point is money:
Do you really think the brands make a different model
for mens/ wmns?

Sure, they have it.


What do these pics show you?

  • The sizes are the same on the box, except the us-size.
  • The insoles are the same.
  • The shoes look the same.

So what’s left?

  • The shoes MAY differ in shape if the brands have too much money
    and actually make two different shoes (sure they do).

Are they really the same or are you just THINKING/ FEELING otherwise?

It is called a “Placebo“-effect, look it up.

I leave that decision to you.



I’ll just leave this here.
Believe what you want.

(The black one is a wmns, the white and black obviously a mens
(there were no wmns Tee Time Pack).





Update 16.12.18

Wouldn’t you find it rather odd that Nike includes two sizes on one box?
And on performance shoes they even state just one size.
To me that says ‘the sizes are basically the same’.

But think what you want.