They were in my country basically the shoe of guys you didn’t want to be confused with.

But they are quite attractive to me and what people think about them doesn’t really interest me.
And they moved on to other shoes now anyways,
like the Roshe.


They are recent retros but back then they introduced the ‘Tuned’ technology that supports the air pad by adding some pillars to it, making the inner more rigid.
I read somewhere you could see it as a combination of ‘Air’ and ‘Shox’.


There are many fakes out there but especially bigger sizes (us 10 and up) often have a different sole than the originals. The difference? Originals have 4 pods on the smaller sizes but five on the bigger ones. The fakes often only have four pods, any size.
They represent the pillars in the airpad so if you have five pillars but only four pods on the sole…

Well, bad news.




Buying advice:
It is truly a Nike classic from a time they tried a new technology.
The colorway is basic but flashy and it is a combination of features I like:
An old and a technical shoe.
Get it if you want a piece of Nike’s heritage.
Don’t get it if you care about what people think of you.

It is an us 8.