It is the version from 2001, arguably one of the best retros.

I remember going into the local Footlocker and asking for these.
They were sold out but the employee recommended the grey +-pair
which I bought and still have.


It is the first of one of the most successful lines in sneakers.
Older versions may be wearable as there is no visible airpad and the sole is stitched to the upper, so no matter if the glue fails.

I actually prefer a worn pair of these to a DS pair, because new is boring.


This pair and this colorway is a must have if you are interested in shoes.
this is actually where the Jordan trend began so it is a classic.

Buying advice:
It is among the top ten shoes almost all sneakerheads love, so it is a good addition to your collection or to be worn casually.
I’d recommend going for an older version (<2003) since they were of better quality and I prefer the Jordan 1 mid to the Jordan 1 hi.

It is an us 8.



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