After someone selling me a fake pair and me learning the truth too late I got these.

I was surprised to find these under 180 € which made me all the more suspicious.
They are worn maybe once but have the box and the Nike-receipt included.

I think it is one of the best Sock Darts out there.

I’m still looking forward to a wider release in 2016 as promised when they bring some decent colorways as navy, red and grey.


With all the versions released they might have killed the model a bit,
and I only liked some of them. The versions with tech fleece was a nice idea.
I would have preferred a more exclusive approach.


This time they will be easier to get and not as rare, which is bad, kind of.
But when wearing a shoe, being rare doesn’t make them more comfortable.

So I am looking forward to get more Sock Darts, regardless if they are rare.

I know the heel looks strange but it is really flexible and fits many sizes
and since my shoetree has a spring in it, it looks too small but it is actually fine.

Buying advice:
The early Fragment- or older versions of the Sock Dart are a good notch more exclusive and therefore more expensive than the later General Release versions.
It is a really comfortable choice and this version can show off your collection too.
It isn’t really focused on sports as you hardly can get a snug fit
and the sole offers not much grip.


It is an us 7.


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