They must be in my all-time top five.


They have a similar sole as the Sock Darts, especially from the side.

They were released as running shoes that were like the Free-technology,
but not quite.
Also if worn for running they looked like trash very quickly
as they were really minimal,
maybe like the Mayfly who was usable for like 100kms of running,
that’s it.


I even wore them for a shootaround once
with the most stress was some layups I did
and afterwards parts of the sole went off.

As I read about the Air Max 87 coming as a Moire-version I was happy at first,
then I saw the outcome and was disappointed (as usual).


They really should deserve a good retro version with the black mens colorway as well as the grey womens colorway with red accents.

Buying advice:
It was released prior to all the Free models so the sole is rather similar.
But it showcased Nike’s ‘+’ technology quite good.
Get it if you want a superior casual ZoomAir-model.
Don’t get it as a running shoe to last.

It is an us 8.