Air Max.

Yes, I know the infamous Air Max line was a bit of too many people’s darling
and many people moved on to Asics, New Balance and such.

But for me as a seasoned collector
who doesn’t care too much about what trends there are in collecting,
the Anniversary releases are the best in recent years.

So the recent overworked models
might re-interest you in the Air Max line.


The blue OG sold out quite quickly
while the red one was available for a long time,
especially smaller sizes (and propably still is).

You could interpret that as mostly female heads
not being into Air Max too much anymore.

So apart from the recent trends
I have to say the Anniversary and overworked (premium?)
models deserve a second look.
Especially if you moved away from the line
because of the shape of older models.


If you care about what people think you wouldn’t care too much
as it is still an ‘Air Max’ and therefore ‘uncool’.

I got both releases from March and around October and my verdict is:
They are different.
The March release has a different number and a added cotton bag.
That’s it, 😉


Buying advice:
It is a love/ hate sneaker for most.
Especially the blue OG might not be too easy to get,
so you only want to if you really like it.
For everybody else it may be too much work.
Get it if you have a soft spot for older Air Max.
Don’t get it if you think Air Max are for certain kinds of people
and Asics are way cooler.