I tried the (then) new photo app.

What is it?

You can get a photo, uploaded by the app, be printed on the upper, giving you almost unlimited style options.


You could print your favorite photo on the shoe, or a pic of velvet for example to get a velvet looking shoe.

The only thing that could be made better is the material, which could be a bit more breathable and the details, like the stripes, laces and the heel cage have to be black, choosable colors like on the regular miAdidas ZX Flux would’ve been better.


I chose thinner laces to show more of the print.

If you wonder what my inspiration was: a Star Wars photo, namely a photo of a Millenium Falcon.


Copyright was an issue, I thought, but since adidas produces the Star Wars shoes, making a Star Wars shoe seems possible.
So it is a Star Wars-shoe, but not a in-your-face Star Wars shoe.

Buying advice:
To show off your creativity there are not much alternatives to a miAdidas through the photo print app. If you like the model, there is almost no reason not to try one.
Yes, some options may be better, but it is still more than ok.
Get it if you want a shoe only you have.
‘Don’t get it if you are a ZX purist.

It is an eu 41 1/3.