How I clean 95% of my shoes.

First think about what you’re doing:

Vintage, suede, 3M and similar have no place in the machine!

They will be damaged!

I had suede damaged by the machine and some soles separated from the upper,

but I think that is a small price for clean shoes to the core.


Just think about a pair from Ebay, well used by a smoker.

It could go away through the machine.


I know what mostly old people say:

“Don’t put shoes in the machine!”

But if you think about it:

Washing machines have evolved in the last years, and when you even have programs for fine wool sweaters, you can put shoes as well in there.


It is common sense to avoid washing them for 4hrs at 100°C.

It is more hygenic and cheaper than cleaning with any cleaning products.

I have Jason Markk myself and my verdict is:

Way overrated!


I encountered enough stains nothing could remove, and people cherishing JM should machine wash them to get the same results…

In my experience JM is the best for cleaning some shoes without throwing them in the machine, but it doesn’t do wonders.

How can you hold JM up if you never cleaned shoes?

That’s like a blind man picking his favourite porno.


Most of todays shoes are bulletproof anyways, you could clean them with a high-pressure cleaner.


Here’s “how to wash” in a machine, but keep to certain rules:

  • I wash them in a cotton bag (you could use the cover of your pillow too), with the insoles and laces extra, for better cleaning and drying. I keep the laces in the last hole though and tie a knot in them, to avoid damages or getting lost. The cotton bag keeps them from falling around too much and protects from abrasion.It is recommended to wash clothes with the shoes, such as towels, to give them a bit of cushioning.
  • The program of the machine should be set to minimum, meaning a low temperature (30°C-40°C ) and low or no cycles on spinning.
  • I have washed shoes with a bit of fabric softener, which works too. It makes the leather a bit softer.
  • When they are done, let them dry a couple of days, using a plastic shoe tree to keep the shape. Don’t use a wooden one because of risk of mold.
  • Usual amount of washing powder, or a bit less is enough, if the shoes aren’t super- dirty.


I have done this many times, also multiple times on one shoe and I can say:

No damages to any of them!

Especially if done only once.


Trying is the best teacher, in this case too. If you don’t believe me or have doubts, try with an old, cheap pair.

I’ve included two pics of shoes, immediately after the machine:

IMG_1114 IMG_1113


To the people still doubting me:

I’ve put a Air Max 87 2009 QS surely ten (!) times in the machine.


Came out fine everytime.


But I realise some people still know that the machine is the wrong place for sneakers.

Well, years ago, people knew the world was flat.