The strange thing is:
I didn’t really try to get them (believe it or not).
Tried on the first releases but after missing out on about 4 releases I thought:
‘Let the kids play.’

But I was up quite late and suddenly came a tweet:
‘Yeezy 350 is online at CaliRoots!’
I went on the link and even was successful,
the price was a bit over retail though.

But anyway, it sold out in seconds.


I guess I am too old for the Yeezy hype.
I would prefer an Ultra Boost anyday.

I thought it would mean more to me,
finally getting them, but I seem to care too less.
Well, finally I must be a sneakerhead.


The price point shows what has become of simply buying shoes:
Many people (me included) think the retail price is too high for those.
That means even for retail only the elite will buy these
or somebody to make money.
So if you are a normal person
who just want their next shoes for every day?
No Yeezys for you.
But Kanye was never the man for all people,
he always put out exclusive, expensive stuff not for regular people
but people who pay 80€ for a white t-shirt.

Well, let the followers kill for a t-shirt.


If you ask me, the Yeezy is the best marketed general release of all time.
Raffles and ramdomized access to product pages aren’t fooling anybody:
These aren’t so rare.

Buying advice:
Given you have really bad chances to get it for retail,
you have to really like it to pay resellers’ prices.
If you spend the money you get a really comfortable shoe,
the Boost sole does its usual job and the upper is comfy as well.
So at least it is well executed.
Get it if you want something to impress the kids.
Don’t get it if you are on a budget.

It is an us 7.