They were quite hard to get, sold out in seconds.


I thought they would be easier, as the SB-trend is over. Guess the colorway was quite attractive.

I love them.

back-to-the-future-pack-8pic by 43 einhalb


The materials used should be quite close to the Nike Air Mag, the shoe it was inspired by.  The upper is made from grey leather and nylon. The toebox consists of nylon, not leather, as are some parts all over the shoe. Combined with the insole, a speckled midsole and the clear outsole, guess the inspiration is obvious.

CEg2U44WMAErr3Apic by 43 einhalb

It is a Dunk SB, so you shouldn’t expext a usual Dunk. They have the thick tongue and someone told me the overall shape was different too. It is a quite “big” shoe, not really inconspicuous.


What disappointed me a bit is the insole. I can’t really recognise the pattern, but it seems like a Hooverboard-design. But: Somebody once told me that glued insoles are cheaper than removable ones. Well, these soles are glued in.



It is an us 7.5.

 (glued-in insole)