I know I cherish everything,
this time I let you make up your own mind.

It is not a really ‘loud’ collab, as the colors are really undercover,
the whole shoe is made of different kinds of light green,
beige and white suede leathers and mesh,
and there is no ‘SNS’-branding on the shoe.

They seem like a collab to me that someone said:

‘Collabs must be more than just a shoe with a name on it.’

The materials are on point.


To me it is one of the best releases in recent years,
so if you have or may get one, hold on to it.
They are really good…

The theme was ‘beer/ brewery’,
that’s how the insole, colors and details came about.
I like the copper details as the Guidance lacetag,
which is made of actual metal, not just metal-colored,
or the metal tips on the laces,
which are a bit thinner and seem like more premium to me.

They give the whole shoe an high-quality-feel.
There is a second pair in black included as well,
also with copper tips.
But I am not quite sure if they work
with a more light colored upper.

The thing that many people don’t see is that in front of the shoe,
the lateral (outer) side is of a different color than the medial (inner) side.


They were sold out quite quick, both batches,
which surprised me as the colors are not your everyday-shoe.

I can only hope that the Guidance won’t be available on miAdidas,
as I would design many pairs until I’m broke.

What was rather strange:
These sold out quick and weren’t seen much afterwards,
but they don’t have that ‘rare’- price.
You can still get one for about 150 €, which you really should.
It may not be worth millions of $,
but it is a nice pair to have, nonetheless.
I’ve had and sold several pairs, but I will hold on to my pair.

Buying advice:
In my opinion one of the best Guidance retros,
almost any color of the model is ok.
Get it if you want a decent Equipment collab.
Don’t get it if you only like old colorways.

It is an EUR 40.


They even made matching beer bottles.