It was just a matter of days until I made one for me.

It was quite hard to choose one that didn’t look as a released one.

Almost all colors were released in some kind and the shown examples only showed one colored shoes, as all-red, all-white, etc. That doubted my hopes for the options a bit. But the options are really ok for a shoe with that less parts.


I made a ‘tiffany’ pair with a black upper and a light green strap but then the idea of a McFly Sock Dart came in my mind.

I am not a fan of ‘inspired by’s, but after using a discount code, the choice was more open. I still think if you pay the full price, chose your own pair, not an ‘inspired by’.

As one TV-presenter said:
‘It’s like an artist having a blank canvas and saying:
‘I’m gonna paint that … WHITE!’



It is no longer available, either to keep it exclusive
or more likely, to insufficient popularity.

It is an us 8.