One of maybe 4 pairs of the newer Air Max 1s I got.


Believe it or not, that was designed in just 5 minutes.
Showing you that a short designing time may not be a bad thing.


A friend once called them the ‘old Nike box- iDs’.


They messed up on the insignia a bit as it is a bit blurry.


I just hope they bring more options to the Air Max 1 on iD back.
Like several materials, more panels to choose and a good insignia.


Buying advice:
Not available on anymore
and just through second hand markets,
these are a solid choice in a Nike iD.
Back then you could choose the color
for several parts individually.
Get it if you want another choice of colors in an iD.
Don’t get it if you can’t stand the shape.

It is an us 8.