5 straps.


‘Did you lose your mind?
These are no sneakerhead material!’

Sorry, with that statement you showed to everyone you got no clue.

If there are 10 classic sneakers like the Air Force 1, the Chuck,
the Superstar and the 576,
this is one of them.


I got lucky on eBay and got a special premium version
even for cheap as nobody wants them.

Comfortable and (at least this version) bulletproof,
nothing matches everything as well as a all-white sneaker.


Their landmark, the five stripes on the side
were purely practical in the beginning
as they should provide the tennis player with more support.


Buying advice:
It is a top notch classic and surely easily wearable.
Get it if you want a classic and want to show you know.
Don’t get it if you are a new sneakerhead.

It is an eur 40.

(glued in insole)