Ice Cube / Common feud.

I am no fan of those famous ‘beef’s, most of the times it’s a case of
‘dumb n***** beefing’ to me.
But there came some good songs out of this confrontation.

First, Common made a track called ‘I used to love H.E.R.’.

Common – I use to love H.E.R

But Ice Cube was offended by one line (‘I wasn’t salty, she was with the boys in the hood’), so he ‘returned’ fire with ‘Westcoast Slaughterhouse’.

Mack 10, WC & Ice Cube – Westcoast Slaughterhouse

‘Used to love her mad cause we fucked
Her pussy whipped bitch with no common sense’

So Common answered with ‘The Bitch in yoo.’

Common – The Bitch in yoo

‘A bitch nigga with an attitude named Cube
Stepped to the Com’ wit a feud
Now what the fuck I look like dissing a whole coast’

‘The ump of this rap shit, Cube, I’m calling out
I break in and smack niggas that’s in the Slaughterhouse.’

So, three great songs in a feud of two greats, which surely can throw fists both, and they resolved it shortly after.