Guess I am old enough to remember
the first release of the Equipment-series in ~1992.

It was quite big, you couldn’t overlook the release
as there even were huge banners promoting them.

I’m not really sure which pairs were in the first series
but I remember that they all had a purpose:

-one for the neutral runner
(~’Support’ (´91)”)

-one for the supinators, that run on the inner side of the foot,
hence the more support on that side and the whole construction
(~’Support’ (´93)?)


pic by Packer Shoes

-a pair for the overpronated gait,
that run on the outer side of the foot


-a pair that emphasises the cushioning,
maybe for heavier wearers

adidas-consortium-equipment-running-cushion-og-torsion-eqt-m20503pic by TheGoodWillOut

-an ultra-light runner for those competition days

adidas-eqt-racing-running-white-sub-green-02pic by Sneakernews

It was the first and to my knowledge
the only time a brand brought several top models in some context.

They have a huge fellowship in Germany
with people paying lots of money (200-500 €) for old pairs.
At least before the retros.

adidas messed up a bit on the retros of the Support ´93,
as they are shaped like a banana and fit huge.
But with a little bit of tweaking these look good
and give you the satisfaction of a cheap, wearable Equipment.

All of this is written from memory so if there are some mistakes,
I apologise.
Feel free to comment any corrections in the comments.

They reworked the retros so now they are much better
and getting a retro is close to getting an original.