… my blog.

My blog is some reviews of some sneakers,
my thoughts added to it, that’s it.

You need to make up your own mind if you like it.


If you’re interested in everything there is to say about a model,
please check my other reviews.
I will not repeat myself.

What’s with the meter?
The meter is an objective way of showing you how a shoe fits,
no ‘they fit big/ small.’ here.


I was kind of a ‘tweener’-sneakerhead.
A bit longer in it than some newbies,
but far from as long in it as many others.

My ‘how-to’s reflect my experiences
and shouldn’t offend anybody longer in it.
I don’t think I know anything, I just like to share my views.

Please understand if older reviews disappear and links may be ineffective
as I don’t have an unlimited bandwidth available.

I am no
hypefashion-, NMD-, Jordan-, celebritysneakerstalker-, Kanye-fanboy.
if you are?
No hard feelings, but you propably won’t find much here.

Note that I will not be up to date as I will not follow the trends
and will concentrate on my own stuff.