I have like 7 pairs of the Sock Dart and this release, for example,
I had the blue one before, sold them and got them again.


Thought about selling this one too, but decided against it.

Nike released this one with the blue and grey one together,
a bad move if you ask me.

They are three really usable colors
and not many people have enough money to get all three at release.
(I settled for one too.)


It is strange how your taste shifts over time.
I used to have a taste influenced by the rarity of a sneaker,
now I couldn’t care less.

And why do I like these that much?

Apart from its looks which you either love or hate,
I don’t think Nike made many sneakers like this one.
A comfortable casual sneaker not a performer turned casual.
And they excel at that.


I wore them to a christmas party once,
matching a santa claus hat.





Buying advice:
The first general release of the Sock Dart (this one)
is arguably sporting the most usable colors with red, blue and grey.
Get it if you want a comfortable, undercover choice.
Don’t get it if you want a performer.

It is an us 8.