Silver Bullet.


Nike seems to bring back their classics true to the original regularily.


While you may appreciate another chance to pick these up,
it can be frustrating a bit since the one you already had is less rare now.

The original was inspired by the Shinkansen train in Japan.



It was also a pair I thought ‘how picky sneakerheads got’.
Remember when you didn’t check the shoes up close
and weren’t disappointed when the quality wasn’t top-notch?

If you are THAT picky now, you may stick to whatever else floats your boat
as anybody will find something on almost any pair.

I’ve had pairs that some people said the quality was awesome
and the next said it was trash, qualitywise.

I don’t look back on leaving a culture that believes feelings more than actual facts.

Years ago I had the Air Max 97 X.
It seemed like a acceptable version of the Air Max 97 at the time.
But later I found out that the original had white stripes on the sole
while the X had an all-black sole.

So the recent release is good enough to get a good and true version of the 97.

Buying advice:
It was critizized many times for being a running shoe where design is over the purpose. Meaning with less design it would perform better.
Get it if you want a benchmark in sneakerdesign and Nike’s design in general.
Don’t get it if you’re looking for the next lightest. best-performing running shoe.

It is an us8.