(Some parts of the upper are reflective.)
The Yohji Boost is the pinnacle in the Y-3 line,
which is adidas collaborating with Yohji Yamamoto, a fashion designer.

Like all high fashion products these are more expensive than a regular shoe.
But since Footpatrol in England had them on sale,
they were more like a regular shoe, pricewise.


It is a Boost shoe, so the sole is really comfortable
and the upper is not less comfy.

Like I said in another review, the price shows in the gimmicks as well.

They are an example of an Boost-shoe that has no insole from the factory,
my guess is that they are made to be casually more comfortable.


The Ultra Boost is a rather competitive shoe
but this pair may not be made for running,
so is the Pure Boost, they are made for casual wear
which shows in the one piece heel as well.

Buying advice:
If you find it under retail, these are truly nice and really comfortable.
It may be not totally long lasting,
because some details are kept minimal for casual and lightness reasons
so they might fail over time.
Get it if you want a shoe that makes you feel
appreciated as a customer,
like the looks of the shoe and like the feel of a Boost sole.
Don’t get it if you are looking for your next running shoe.

It is an us 7.5.
(As I said, no insole.)