Another brand I’d like to mention is:


It is now a small german brand.

They made the ‘first casual runner’ (their words) a couple of years ago.
It has seen some seasons with materials and colors,
as the summer version brings you breathable mesh
and in the winter it is time for more decent colors and more rugged materials.


They now feature versions constructed like a sock
or made of a material similar to Nike’s Flyknit technology.

They are on the low as many people have to look twice
and still don’t know what it is and feature a nice shape.

I noticed that the insole features a plastic reinforcement,
a feature which is seen sometimes on performance shoes,
never to my knowledge on a ‘casual runner’.


The whole shoe makes quite an impression
as they are made beautifully.
There is really no reason NOT to get them.

It also shows the shifted taste of sneakerheads very well.
Years ago I posted a pic of a Djinns on feet and got asked by a hypebeast
‘Are you serious?!?’.
Some days ago I posted the same shoe to Instagram
and it was one of the most popular in weeks


They don’t want to be a co-player to the big brands
and I think you should approach the shoe that way too:
It gets a bit of well-done variety in your selection of shoes.

As an experiment?

Why not?



Buying advice:
Another example of a sneaker by a small brand that does everything right
and showcases a superior construction.
If you like its looks there are really not many reasons not to get them.
Get it if you want something else.
Don’t get it if you like big names.

It is an eur 41.