Recently another breakthrough of the 90s retroed.

Nike may have Air-cushioning, but Reebok lifted it to another level.

DMX 10 is a system of ten chambers connected to each other
so the air can flow freely between them.


So if you look at the footstrike:

When the heel strikes the ground,
the center chamber gets the biggest stress,
so the air moves out to the outer chambers
to support the heel and make it more stable.

When the foot is about level,
the air is evenly distributed in all chambers.

When the runner’s weight is moving towards the forefoot,
the center chamber is squeezed
and the air once again fills the outer chambers
to give some stability.

Afterwards it is pressed to the back of the shoe
to prepare the heel for the next strike.



So in a sentence, DMX 6 (6 chambers, heel oriented)
and DMX 10 (10 chambers, full length)
is a cushioning system of moving air in several chambers.


Buying advice:
It is one of Reebok’s premier technologies from 1997.
Get it if you want a simple, yet comfortable piece of Reebok’s history.
Don’t get it if it is too technical for you.

It is an us 7.5