Laser blue


I liked the EM.

But the colors of the regular ‘Infrared’ general release were rather disappointing.
It was too white and not enough ‘Infrared’ for me.

So I made an ‘Infrared’ EM iD. But when I was finished I thought:
“Do I really want another infrared? I have enough already.”


But I remembered the laser blue I had once
and I liked the colors but was rather disappointed by the materials of the shoe,
so I made a laser blue EM iD.


And since I had just sold another shoe, I ordered it from that money.

The EM materials seems to take more damage than leather
but it is light and breathable.

The blue parts might be a bit more vibrant for my taste.

Buying advice:
An iD that looks like a general release?
You give the chance away to make a unique shoe
so I can only recommend them with a discount code.
Get it if you like the iD EM Air Max 90 and want an own version.
Don’t get it if you want a heavy duty shoe.

It’s an us 8.