Let’s compare it to its Ultra Boost brother:
From a performance standpoint,
both are light (Racer might even be lighter),
superior cushioning,
Racer might be more breathable,
Boost might be longer lasting.


Bottom line:
They are both one of the best running shoes from both brands.

So why didn’t these take off as much as their brothers?


We just discussed the performance standpoint and they are almost the same.

Color is the same.

Could it be that Nike just isn’t as hip as adidas now?

Or maybe because some celebrity dude didn’t wear them?

http _hypebeast.com_image_2015_05_kanye-west-rocks-the-new-adidas-ultra-boost-triple-white-during-bbma-performance-0

You decide.

Buying advice:
They are superior running shoes especially for short runs,
they might crumble for long runs.
And for casual wear these shine too.
Get it if you want a comfortable, light, breathable shoe for everyday
and matches everything.
Don’t get it if you don’t have your own taste.

It is an us 8.