City Pack (NYC).


A rare special makeup of a recent runner.


As I said in another review:

I just love the Lunarglide 3, I think it is the best from the series.
Actually I didn’t like the NYC much, but it was a rare version of a shoe I like (and it was cheap).

There was a real similar version with a volt sole and black upper released, but these are a bit different. The released standard version had a red swoosh and inner too.


The two straps on the sides are printed with a special pattern and the insole shows the artwork of a involved artist (Mike Perry).


Other artists for other cities included

  • Nod Young (Peking)


  • Mike Friedrich (Berlin)


  • Hannah Stouffer (San Francisco/ Nike Women’s Marathon)


  • Mark Ward (London)


  • Tara D. (Chicago)


The artists designed the insole, the straps and the tongue, a matching sole was added.

The tongue shows ‘NYC’,
meaning it was a special makeup for the NY marathon then.


It is really subtle and the special references are hidden or even on the inner.

The model rather looks boring on the product images but live they are much better.

There was a second set of laces included in light blue. Both sets have colored, contrasted tips saying ‘Run NYC’.


In my opinion they are good,
but could be a bit ‘more’ (with lack of a better word).
A special makeup that is almost like the released pairs?

It may be subtle enough for running,
but it is not really special for leisure wear, sad to say.

Buying advice:
It is as comfortable and light on your feet as can be.
Get it if you like the model and still want something more exclusive.
Don’t get it if you want something to impress the people at an exhibition.

It is an us 8.5.