Silver Bullet.


Nike seems to bring back their classics true to the original regularily.


While you may appreciate another chance to pick these up,
it can be frustrating a bit since the one you already had is less rare now.

The original was inspired by the Shinkansen train in Japan.



Years ago I had the Air Max 97 X.
It seemed like a acceptable version of the Air Max 97 at the time.
But later I found out that the original had white stripes on the sole
while the X had an all-black sole.

So the recent release is good enough to get a good and true version of the 97.

Buying advice:
It was critizized many times for being a running shoe where design is over the purpose. Meaning with less design it would perform better.
Get it if you want a benchmark in sneakerdesign and Nike’s design in general.
Don’t get it if you’re looking for the next lightest. best-performing running shoe.

It is an us8.