I once had them but sold them,
now had a unforseen restock
and I immediately jumped at it.


The old colorways of the Huarache are way underrated in my book.
They are good retros and why don’t more people get them?
I don’t know.
The ‘Scream green’ even reached sale racks in some stores,
a sign that they were underappreciated.

I slept on them the first time around and I have to keep them now.
Sold. (Needed the money)
I got them before the restock and if the restock sells fast they might be gone…


The are constructed with the ‘Huarache fit’,
so especially retros might fit small,
keep that in mind.

The Huarache recently got a bit of a boost
when the released ‘triple white’, ‘triple red’ and ‘triple black’ versions.
It is now hip with the generation
that wasn’t even born when they first released.

Buying advice:
It is an example of a good retro,
you don’t buy a worse shoe by getting the recent one.
It may not have the sentimental value and worse materials,
but it is still well done.
Get it if you like the Huarache.
Don’t get it if you don’t appreciate retros.

It is an us 8.5.