After many tries, I tried to make a shoe I like.


You can even order it with payment through invoice.
Which means you design it, they make it and ship it
and AFTER you hold them in your hands, you pay for it.
It is a good idea but since returns are cropped with a custom shoe,
it doesn’t make much sense.
You have to pay for it anyways.


The idea was “camouflage”. If you stick to it,
you can make the whole shoe in that theme.

I chose the quick-lacing laces as my first pair, the second are olive.

Buying advice:
It is an updated, simpler version of the classic LA Trainer.
Get it if you want a comfortable canvas to express yourself.
Don’t get it if you don’t like the LA-Trainer-spinoff.

It is an eur 40 2/3.