That must be one of the rarest releases of the year.

I kept watching Twitter for days and finally came a tweet:

I immediately got on it and ordered and even succeeded.
Waiting for the order confirmation was nerve tingling.

It was especially important since I got it for somebody else.
Not getting a shoe for myself is bad but I will survive it,
but for somebody else the stakes are much higher.


I actually like it.
The white pair I like more but these are more of a ‘Supreme’-release,
the others are just rip-offs of actual Jordans.

The ‘Supreme’-labeling is minimal, but existent everywhere as the lacelocks,
the mesh on the side, the inside of the tongue and the sole have ‘Supreme’ on them.

I guess I am too old to get the whole Supreme-hype.

To me it is in the line of brands (like VisVim) people spend thousands of euros on an outfit to look like they spend hundreds at H&M.

 The only people who appreciate that outfit for what it is
are other hypebeasts who know Supreme.
If you show the things to your parents and tell them the price,
they will shake their heads.



It is an us 9.5.


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