One of the best?

I’ve taken pics of the original
and the recently released retro to show the differences.

The retro is made of leather mesh
while the original is made from nylon mesh.

In comparison they don’t look really alike.

And if you ask me, I was actually looking forward to an Icarus Extra retro-release
because I think the original is really good.
But after comparing the two I can say that I’m really disappointed
and will keep my originals for some time.

That’s why I really look forward to the upcoming Air Max 87 OG retro
since it promises to be a ‘good retro’.

Buying advice:
It may be a minimal casual runner to complete your sporty look,
but I rather recommend getting the original if you can accept the price.
Get it if you want a retro runner.
Don’t get it if you compare it to the original.

It is an us 8.